Infinix Zero 3 Review: 3 reasons why you need X552 in the first place

Ready to walk away with a good modern phone? Think of Infinix X552 from Kilimall Kenya. It is a device that has been designed in the modern way to guarantee best services at a convenient price. The Nairobi smartphones market which is the epitome of competition is dominated by many dealers. However, if you want to take the upper hand, at Kilimall you will enjoy very favorable prices which include this phone. This phone can be said to be one of the best phones currently on the Kenyan market looking at its features. It has excellent performance, great camera and so on.

Summary information:

  • Item: Infinix Zero 3.
  • Operating system: Android 5.1 Lollipop.
  • Processor: 2.2GHz Octa-core
  • Camera: 20.7MP/5MP
  • Internal memory: 16GB
  • RAM: 3GB
  • Display: 5.5 inches, IPS, FHD, capacitive touch screen.

142×70.2×7.1 mm design

Those phone comes with an excellent design that is marked by lightweight handset which is made of Gorilla glass and aluminum outlining. The phone is beautiful with its slim design and a thickness of 7.1 mm. It is highly portable and convenient to carry. It has a good shape with less sharp edges which guarantee comfort when carrying this phone both on hand or in the pocket. It has a weight of 120 g which makes its portability an easy thing.

Carrying this phone will ensure that you enjoy some sense of pride because of its design. Picking your favorite color will give you even a better advantage. It comes in different colors like purple, blue, gold and black. This gives you an opportunity to enjoy the color of your choice, but all colors exemplify some pomp which comes with this phone. So it does not only offer you excellent services but also enables you to stay proud of your phone

5.5” IPS, FHD display

Having excellent display is a good way begin your journey of smartphones. The display is an element that beautifies all the services offered by the phone. Moreover, this phone specializes in that and gives you a very appealing display. The excellence in the screen is traced on the screen size and the resolution. To understand this best, you can compare this phone to a TV. Imagine of having a TV with at least 24 inches and with full HD resolution. This phone comes with a screen length of 5.5 inches but carries the same resolution of full HD (1080×1920). It leaves no doubt that this phone’s display is top-class.

It is further graced by wide range color which makes the videos and pictures possess true colors. You will not be wrong to take this phone for your personal entertainment. The 5.5-inch screen is enough to offer you safe space for viewing. Then this phone your videos to be much impressive because of quality coloring plus it is also possible to view at different angles. The images and videos on this screen are amazingly clear due to higher pixel density which is 441 pixels per inch.

Octa-core CPU 2.2GHz performance


To top up to its useful feature and as a way to ensure that you enjoy all the services from this phone without lags, this phone comes with a powerful processor that offers this phone good performance. This is a critical requirement for a phone. Having so many services and failing to perform them with efficiency would be rated as a failure on the phone. However, this phone is spared from that mistake as it comes with the great processor and operating system assuring this phone magnificent performance. The name of the processor is Octa-core and reaches to the speed of 2.2 GHz. This is what amakes the phone performance good with any application. It can support any app even those that may fail to function with other phones. You can enjoy amazing gaming experience with this phone due to this suitability.

The operating system is Android 5.1 Lollipop which too is the latest version of Android. It takes part in offering excellent performance in this phone by making it possible for the phone to accommodate plenty of modern applications. It even comes with great pre-installed apps which provides you excellent services saving you time and cost while downloading them. This combination of the processor and the operating system makes this phone’s performance so high that even multitasking is a simple thing. So much efficiency can be achieved under this performance.

16GB internal space, 3GB RAM

This phone comes to you with enough storage space. You can take long videos with this phone and still have some space to spare. It obviously wouldn’t be a good idea having such a big camera and display but lack space for storage. It reveals that all the features of this phone have combined strategically to ensure that there is good coordination between different features. This phone comes with 16 GB internal memory which is enough to store all your valuable files. It can store as many as a thousand pictures and still have enough space for videos. This memory is expandable with a memory card of up to 32GB. You can, therefore, enjoy this phone without running out of memory.

This phone comes with enough RAM of 3GB. When you compare this memory with other phones, it is evident about the critical step this phone has taken. The RAM provides sufficient working memory that ensures that the phones performance remains very high.

20.7MP/ 5MP camera


The camera of this phone is perhaps the most remarkable feature that comes with this phone. It is not questionable that that Infinix is the brand that dominates the Kenyan market today and renowned for their wonderful reputation. They are specifically known for camera quality, and this is one of the phones that tops the list of camera efficiency. The camera is good both regarding its pixels and the technology it comes with. The camera module includes 20.7 MP Sony camera. It has dual colored LED lights to enhance the picture taking precision.

The front camera is 5MP which also comes with its LED light to provide a flash when taking photos. The phone has an overall three LED lights which enhance picture and video quality even when there is darkness. The back camera is suited for video recording, and you can trust this phone for high profile video clarity which when edited cannot be differentiated from a good modern ordinary camera. With a resolution of 5248×3936, this camera can achieve both 2k and 4K video qualities. The camera is also advanced and can offer services as autofocus and geotagging among others.

2G GSM, 3G HSDPA, 4G LTE Networks.


This phone has good connectivity. It has three mobile networks which play a very critical role in enabling this phone to connect to the internet in the most rewarding way. It provides you with speeds you can trust for all internet services including downloading big files.  The 2G network is one of them and is moderately fast but can depend on for everyday browsing and it saves most of your browsing bundles.

The phone too comes with 3G which is much quicker and reliable for fast downloads. It can serve you with speeds of up to 5mbps making it possible to download any file from any site. Still, though, the 3G is not the best kind of network in this phone. It also has the 4G network which is extremely fast. It can afford speed of up to 150 Mbps for downloads and at least 50 Mbps for uploading. With such speeds, you can achieve faster and better services from the internet, and that is what makes this phone better than others. It also has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity which serves as auxiliary networks.

3030mAh battery


This phone will certainly impress you because its battery last for so long making sure that you enjoy its services for long even when far away from power source. You do not have to keep carrying the power bank or the charger wherever you go because of this battery last for very long even when the phone is involved in strenuous activities. It can give you more than 30 hours even when engaging it to demand tasks like browsing and playing games. When just playing music and making calls, this phone will reach up to50 hours before the battery becomes exhausted. It takes a shorter time to charge, barely two hours, and it will be full.

Price review

This phone is affordable. That is all you need to know before you even find out its price. It has amazing features which cannot be rated below the thousand shillings Kenyan money by any stretch of the imagination. Due to the reduction of smartphones costs over the last few years, this phone is available at a price lower than twenty thousand. You can take this as an advantage because related phones have higher price tags. Also, this phone is available at Kilimall at much favorable price than any other seller. You can, therefore, make your decision wisely protecting every of your coin from going into loss.