Cubot Note S

By now most of us have already heard about the Cubot brand that has been causing a lot of stir in the smartphone industry. As a new entry brand, we have to admit that this phone has been doing quite a good job in the last few months especially from the beginning of the year. It is not always easy for a new smartphone brand to have a breakthrough in a market that is dominated by other large players such as Tecno.


Brands such as Bird mobile know very well that they had to make an early exit in the market due to the constant frustrations that it encountered. Well, maybe Bird never had the patient to try it out in Kenya; the case is totally different when it comes to Cubot. I have to say that Cubot has had such an easy time in the market and this has contributed to its success. Let us narrow down our focus to Cubot Note S which is one of the most affordable models in the Cubot brand. It comes with specs that I have to admit are good for anyone considering a mid range phone that is likely to deliver the best when it comes to the performance.


The design is the very first thing that you encounter the moment you take a look at any gadget. A poor image will automatically put you off. One of the things that I have noticed in most phones making an arrival in the country is the fact that most of them have a killer design. I have to say that in as much as the design is not the only consideration that we take when buying a new phone, it sure plays a huge role in determining whether we will select the phone in question. Cubot Note S has done a great job in this ensuring that it offers a phone that is slim and offers a good grip. Cubot Note S is made of a plastic material which is often the case in most mid range phones. A metal band goes round the phone giving it a premium design that makes it stand out from most mid range phones. As a matter of fact, in terms of the design, Cubot Note S competes with phones such as Infinix Note 2 which has been in the market longer. This tells you why this phone has made huge sales in a very short time.



Cubot Note S comes with a 5.5 inch IPS display which makes it a phaplet. The benefits of having a phaplet are a thousand and one. There are so many things that a phablet can do which a normal phone may not be able to do. The high screen resolution in this phone makes it possible for the user to watch high quality videos and images. The image output is exceptional making it one of the best mid range phones that you should consider buying this season.  Gamers will absolutely love this phone, not just because of the large screen but due to the fact that it has a very efficient graphic processor that delivers high quality graphic output. You don’t expect to get any hustle when playing any 3D games.


Most Kenyans are now becoming aware that a phone should be coupled with a good performance. In simple terms it is the performance of a phone that determines how good a phone is, and how successful it is going to be in the market. Cubot Note S is powered by a 1.3GHz Quad Core processor, has a 2GB RAM and runs on the 5.0 Android OS. With that kind of specs, you should expect one of the best performances from this phone. The 2GB RAM ensures that that you never experience any form of lagging while using the phone. That is not all; you can run multiple apps at the same time without any hustles that the phone will hang.  Let us just say that Cubot Note S will give you access to some of the best and latest apps on Google Play Store. It is quite an impressive phone to have at any time in the remaining part of the year.


There was a time when no one was concerned about the battery of the phone and the major concern that most people had was the performance of the phone. With the performance of every gadget being improved there is an urgent need for batteries that can sustain such powerful performances. Phones making a recent entrance into the market are coming with large battery capacities that keep the phone powered up all day long. Cubot Note S comes with a 4150 battery capacity which is capable of taking the user for two whole days without the need of a recharge. This is the phone that most Kenyans are in need of in times when electricity is not in every part of the country. With a 4150mAh battery capacity, you can comfortably go for a two day trip and you will not even have to carry a power bank, that is how good Cubot Note S is.


Unlike most mid range phones that come with sub standard cameras, Cubot Note s has done it differently, it gives you an 8MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera which is ideal for taking clear and decent images that are worth sharing with friends. The selfie camera takes crispy images and that is not all, it is also able to record high quality videos. On average, Cubot Note S is one of the most affordable phones that any one in Kenya can get and yet in a position to give such a good camera. The only challenge that you may encounter is the fact that you will take some time before you familiarize with the camera. Once that is done, you are good to go, you are on your way to becoming the best photographer of our times.

Internal storage


You are probably wondering why we have not yet mentioned anything about the internal storage; Cubot Note S gives you the best with the memory. A 16GB internal storage is large enough for anyone to store most of their documents. People with phones with 16GB internal storage don’t even need to have an external SD card. This means that you not only get a good phone with Cubot Note S but you also get to save some money which you could have otherwise used for buying a memory card. It is always advisable to save some of your most valuable data on online platforms such as Google drive for media. This is because the chances of loosing that data are next to minimal.


We can confidently conclude and agree on the fact that Cubot Note S is one of the best mid range phones in our time. Most Kenyans have increased their confidence towards this brand. Cubot is actually on the brink of its breakthrough in Kenya and in Africa at large. With less than two years in the market, it has made commendable improvements in the market ranking as one of the most bought phones this year. We expect that Cubot is going to work towards improving its model so as to incorporate everyone in the Cubot craze including the well up in Kenya. If Tecno did it, then it will not be as hard for Cubot to do a similar thing.